9.9. Deprecated options

These deprecated options will be removed in a future release.

Deprecated Option




--bind-to core

Bind processes to cores


--bind-to package

Bind processes to processor sockets


--map-by core

Map processes by core


--map-by node

Launch processes one per node, cycling by node in a round-robin fashion. This spreads processes evenly among nodes and assigns ranks in a round-robin, “by node” manner.


--map-by slot

Map and rank processes round-robin by slot

--cpus-per-proc <#perproc>

–map-by <obj>:PE=<#perproc>`

Bind each process to the specified number of CPUs

--cpus-per-rank <#perrank>

--map-by <obj>:PE=<#perrank>

Alias for --cpus-per-proc


--display ALLOC

Display the detected resource allocation


--display MAP-DEVEL

Display a detailed process map (mostly intended for developers) just before launch.


--display MAP

Display a table showing the mapped location of each process prior to launch.


--display TOPO

Display the topology as part of the process map (mostly intended for developers) just before launch.



Perform all necessary operations to prepare to launch the application, but do not actually launch it (usually used to test mapping patterns).



Do not attempt to resolve interfaces — usually used to determine proposed process placement/binding prior to obtaining an allocation.

-N <num>

--map-by prr:<num>:node

Launch num processes per node on all allocated nodes


--map-by :NOLOCAL

Do not run any copies of the launched application on the same node as prun is running. This option will override listing the localhost with --host or any other host-specifying mechanism.



Do not oversubscribe any nodes; error (without starting any processes) if the requested number of processes would cause oversubscription. This option implicitly sets “max_slots” equal to the “slots” value for each node. (Enabled by default).

--npernode <#pernode>

--map-by ppr:<#pernode>:node

On each node, launch this many processes

--npersocket <#persocket>

--map-by ppr:<#perpackage>:package

On each node, launch this many processes times the number of processor sockets on the node. The --npersocket option also turns on the --bind-to socket option. The term socket has been globally replaced with package.



Nodes are allowed to be oversubscribed, even on a managed system, and overloading of processing elements.


--map-by ppr:1:node

On each node, launch one process


–map-by ppr:<list>`

Comma-separated list of number of processes on a given resource type [default: none].

--rankfile <FILENAME>

--map-by rankfile:FILE=<FILENAME>

Use a rankfile for mapping/ranking/binding


--display BINDINGS

Report any bindings for launched processes


--output TAG

Tag all output with [job,rank]


--output TIMESTAMP

Timestamp all application process output


--map-by :HWTCPUS

Use hardware threads as independent CPUs


--output XML

Provide all output in XML format